Pool Culture At Home: Modern trends, features and technology in backyard pools.

As the warm weather hits are brains shift gears towards warm weather activities. One of the most romanticized of which is the family pool. The family pool has drastically evolved from the days of the preformed plastic kiddie pools of our youth. There are a variety of features and options that can accompany the central summer activity centre.

When thinking of the family pool we often conjure up images of a simple concrete rectangle adorning our backyard or an octagonal aboveground contraction. But a pool can be much more than even that. The household pool has become a paradise to be enjoyed by all.

The modern pool is chalked full of technology and features that have advanced well past those traditional models still found in area homes. In order to facilitate these new and more luxurious models the pricing of has risen. Typical pool budgets start from $50,000 for a basic in-ground pool and for the more opulent models prices can exceed $500,000.

Features such as shallow tanning shelves, sports pools with two shallow ends with depth in the middle have made pools much more usable for the homeowner and their family. Pool-scapes have begun to incorporate more natural elements, such as stones, waterfalls and vegetation surrounding the pool area. This beautifies your pool area rather than having a concrete slab in your backyard. Shot-crete has allowed designers to create freer and more flowing pool forms that are not confined to the traditional backyard rectangle. Colour is determined by the final plaster finish and can be customized for your own personal tastes.

The family pool is often used as a focal point for outdoor entertaining and as a place to share time with the family. It provides a cool and refreshing break from the heat and commotion of the daily summer grind.

Many people are beginning to speculate that with soaring prices for cottage and recreational properties, the market for pool upgrades will continue to soar. In addition to this fuel and energy costs continue to rise. The cost to commute to a remote rural destination is becoming more costly as well causing people to reconsider the cost of recreational properties.

Ultimately when your pool is completed it you can feel the same freedom that you feel jumping into a lake. Finishes found in nature, more usable features and customizable features are making backyard pools stylish again. As homeowners embrace the technology, trends and features associated with modern pool design a new generation is discover that wet and wonderful joy.