Green Flooring Options for Homeowners

Green flooring options are becoming more and more popular as homeowners get eco-conscious and try to make their homes friendlier to the environment. Some homeowners may be planning a full green remodeling project that requires choices for green flooring while other people may be looking for eco-friendly flooring for a new home that is being built. Whatever the reason for looking at green flooring options, homeowners may be surprised that they have several different choices to consider.

Bamboo Flooring

Although bamboo is a grass plant, don’t mistake the material as being not being durable. Surprisingly, bamboo flooring is actually more durable and can withstand more pressure than most hardwood flooring.

To make bamboo flooring, the plants are cut into strips and assembled to make floor planks. The floor does not need to be stained or sealed and most people choose to have all-natural bamboo floors for the beautiful natural color of the material.

Tile Flooring Made from Recycled Materials

Another popular green flooring option is tiles that are made from recycled materials. Most of these tiles are made from recycled glass but may also include other materials like rubber, and leather. Before a homeowner buys these tiles they should always make sure that they are 100% recycled material and don’t contain any additives or chemicals during the making process of the tiles.

Recycled tile flooring is often easy to take care and clean. They are also durable and don’t scratch as easily as some other tiles do. The downside to this green flooring option is that these tiles can often times become slippery and may cause a hazard in high traffic areas.

Cork Flooring

Cork flooring is one of the green flooring options that are actually customizable. Cork flooring can come in either square tiles or long planks like hardwood flooring. The flooring can also come finished or unfinished per the homeowner’s request. If a person chooses finished cork flooring, be sure that the finish is eco-friendly and is a natural finish on the wood.

Cork flooring is highly durable and is a great source of warmth. It makes a great green flooring choice for basements or playrooms as well as dining rooms and kitchens. Most contractors recommend that a cork floor be sealed, which can be done with a green sealant to keep the floors entirely eco-friendly.

All-Natural and Recycled Carpet

Green carpets are definitely better for the environment than regular carpets and area rugs that contain synthetic materials that are not recyclable. Homeowners should either look for carpets that are made from all natural fibers like wool or look for ones that are made with a high percentage of recycled materials.

When it comes to recycled carpet homeowners will often find that carpet tiles and area rugs have much more green choices than the wall to wall carpet. For homeowners who still want to go green in their home but don’t want to give up plush, carpeted floors in such rooms as bedrooms or the family room, recycled carpets make a great green flooring choice. Remember though, that carpets are usually harder to clean and can house dust and mold better than hard flooring like bamboo or cork.

Going green doesn’t have to mean that a homeowner lacks style in their house. These are just a few of the green flooring options that are available and becoming much more popular.

Myths about Major Home Improvements

home improvements

Every homeowner desires to enhance their home appearance. However, there are some believes that are not true and you must abandon them. Otherwise, you may find the entire process of enhancing the aesthetic value of your home difficult. Here are the top 5 myths about home improvement you need to know.

You can only get best deals from home improvement retail chains

Most homeowners normally think that they can only get the best deals on home improvement products from huge retails like the Lowe’s and the Home Depot. One thing they tend to forget is that such retailers tend to overcharge their products especially on labor and installation. You may consider an independent interior designers and contractors because most of them offer good discount and charge less.

The bedroom and kitchen remodels are disappearing with the housing organizations

kitchen and bathroom remodel

Surprisingly, this belief is a new one and runs counter to a earlier myth that remodeling essentially paid for itself in regard to added value. The truth is that you will see a temporary in big remodeling projects, especially for individuals who are likely to seek home loans from banks to finance the home improvement projects. Therefore, what you should understand that the kitchen and bathroom remodels can’t be entirely replaced by the housing market.

The geothermal and solar panel heating systems have arrived

Inquire from various HVAC contractors about the geothermal or solar heating systems and they will all give you same answer: the systems aren’t cost effective. Well, I don’t dispute the fact that these heating systems and environmentally friendly and the economic benefits of these systems have enhanced with the favorable tax credits and the cost of oil. However, some HVAC contractors claim that the installation cost of geothermal and solar panel heating systems is high and it will take between 15 and 20 years to get your money back.

Home inspection is necessary only when you will be selling or buying a home

Home inspections are important when it comes to buying or selling a home. However, these are not the only instances when you will need home inspection. A professional home inspector can help in identifying home problems that can be addressed and prevent the chances of the problem spreading further. For example, a professional home inspector can help in identifying the loosening roof fasteners, harmful movement on the foundation, mold that might be growing behind your walls, and more.


How to Recreate Your Own Tranquil Outdoor Space With Zen Garden Accessories

Japanese gardens are perfect for those homeowners who want a peaceful and well-organized outdoor space. This approach to gardening utilizes a minimalist approach to avoid clutter and fuss. However, this Japanese –inspired outdoor design plan will make use of symbolic and functional zen garden accessories and plants.

The important thing is to arrange the elements and achieve serenity and a more relaxed mood. This is a nice outdoor space theme for homeowners who love a good time to reflect while they are with nature. You can create your own zen garden at your very own backyard. Here are some of the elements that you can include for finding the ornaments and accessories:

  1. You must create an entrance to your garden. You can simply use bamboo fence to block the view. You can also make use of an arbour you emphasize the entrance to your zen garden.
  2. The key element to a Japanese garden is creating tableau or vignettes. You can copy winding paths which leads your view past a pagoda and signals exploration of your eye to what will come in the next corner of the garden.
  3. Evergreens are perfect for your design plan. A zen garden requires texture. The subtle difference in texture and color of the design elements are definitely soothing to the psyche. You can make use of conifers that will exude tranquillity and peace all year round.
  4. The Japanese garden would require moss growth. This is the best ground covers. You can make use of stone steppers to protect the cushiony surface provided by the moss.
  5. Construct a private pavilion that will create an intimate space for you and your family. You can use this structure in entertaining your guests or you can spend time in here viewing the peaceful view in your backyard.
  6. Include a pagoda pillar or stone lanterns to accentuate your Zen garden. This will echo the charm of the roofline of a teahouse which is definitely charming.
  7. You can emphasize contrast in your zen garden. You can do it with different textures and subtle color contrasts. You can make use of green and chartreuse hostas against the hakone grass which has very soft edges.

These are just some of the design elements that you can use for your own garden with a Japanese twist. Just enjoy the process of decorating your outdoor space to achieve tranquillity and peace with your garden.


Maintaining Clean Concrete Paving Slabs

The overall appearance of your home are determined by the type of paving that you use. There are a lot of property developers who work with modern paving techniques. This provides them the practical remedy in creating beautiful living spaces and work environment.  Concrete paving slabs are widely used because of its durability and quality. Furthermore, this material will require less time for maintenances. However, the challenge is how to achieve clean concrete paving slabs.

Concrete paving slabs are getting much attention from homeowners because of its quality and it would require little effort in maintenance. You can express your style with the use of concrete pavers. A concrete paving is designed and manufactured to withstand cranes, long and heavy lines of traffic for a considerable length of time.

If you are thinking about what to use for your pavings, you should consider concrete ones. This will definitely define the durability of the paved space or area. Concrete pavers are basically categorized according to size and the area to cover. The thinnest of them all ( around 40mm in height) is perfect for domestic installation.

When you are trying to clean your concrete pavings slabs, you should always remember that prevention of damage is a practical move. Once the damage starts to set in, you cannot do anything about it anymore.  Try cleaning the paving frequently to avoid spending too much for repairs of your concrete paving slabs.

Concrete is quite porous which makes it absorb moisture and any substance. Avoid using high pressure cleaning gears. This will cause damage to the grouting and the pavers as well.  You can get rid of the debris and avoid the build up of grime through continues sweeping Try using water to ensure that the dust particles are removed appropriately,

Once you discover huge spaces between the pavers, you can make use of plaster to fill the areas which requires your attention.

Do not freak out when you find stains on your pavers.  You can begin cleaning your pavers by washing the area thoroughly. Once the stains still remain even after the first wash, you should make sure that you know exactly what kind of stain it is. Use bleach with your pail of water for stains caused by molds. Additionally, if you are dealing with oil stain removal, you can make sure you are using liquid degreaser.