Myths about Major Home Improvements

home improvements

Every homeowner desires to enhance their home appearance. However, there are some believes that are not true and you must abandon them. Otherwise, you may find the entire process of enhancing the aesthetic value of your home difficult. Here are the top 5 myths about home improvement you need to know.

You can only get best deals from home improvement retail chains

Most homeowners normally think that they can only get the best deals on home improvement products from huge retails like the Lowe’s and the Home Depot. One thing they tend to forget is that such retailers tend to overcharge their products especially on labor and installation. You may consider an independent interior designers and contractors because most of them offer good discount and charge less.

The bedroom and kitchen remodels are disappearing with the housing organizations

kitchen and bathroom remodel

Surprisingly, this belief is a new one and runs counter to a earlier myth that remodeling essentially paid for itself in regard to added value. The truth is that you will see a temporary in big remodeling projects, especially for individuals who are likely to seek home loans from banks to finance the home improvement projects. Therefore, what you should understand that the kitchen and bathroom remodels can’t be entirely replaced by the housing market.

The geothermal and solar panel heating systems have arrived

Inquire from various HVAC contractors about the geothermal or solar heating systems and they will all give you same answer: the systems aren’t cost effective. Well, I don’t dispute the fact that these heating systems and environmentally friendly and the economic benefits of these systems have enhanced with the favorable tax credits and the cost of oil. However, some HVAC contractors claim that the installation cost of geothermal and solar panel heating systems is high and it will take between 15 and 20 years to get your money back.

Home inspection is necessary only when you will be selling or buying a home

Home inspections are important when it comes to buying or selling a home. However, these are not the only instances when you will need home inspection. A professional home inspector can help in identifying home problems that can be addressed and prevent the chances of the problem spreading further. For example, a professional home inspector can help in identifying the loosening roof fasteners, harmful movement on the foundation, mold that might be growing behind your walls, and more.