Rain Gutter Maintenance during Dry Weather

Most homeowners think that they don’t have to do anything regarding gutter cleaning and maintenance during the dry weather. They tend to forget that dry weather offers homeowners a great opportunity to make routine maintenance to the roofing system since during this time it is easier and safer to climb up the roof and make routine maintenance to your roof gutters and the whole roofing system at large. Check for signs of wear and tear along the seams of your current system.

It does not mean that during the dry weather your home is protected from rain water. Prolonged drought will have opposite effect on your home. Gutters and downspouts help to redirect rainwater away from the homes foundation. Dry weather conditions however can leave the soil to erode around the base of your house. When it eventually rains the eroded areas will be more vulnerable to rain water damage. Occasionally water the soil around the base keeping it hydrated to prevent erosion during the dry season.

Take advantage of the dry weather to remove debris as to make them visible if there are any damages. This means that you will have to scoop the debris out using sturdy gloves and a plastic scoop. The gutters should be clear of any remnant of the last fall.

The dry months nesting birds will have moved on to gather food for the cold months. Take this time to check if there are any signs of life and if there is non remove the nest from the gutters. Look for wasp nest also and if inhabited remove them. Soon as you have finished removing the debris from the gutters, you will almost see them clearly. Use a scrub brush and a gentle abrasive or soap to clean out your gutter.

After cleaning the gutter you can now clearly see the damaged areas that will need to be repaired or parched. Use a recommendable material to seal holes and you can even replace fallen shingles.

Perhaps you are busy with the work or busy with kids. Or, you are scared of climbing up the ladder to scoop the dirty, smelly stuff that has made your gutters their home. In such instances, you may need to look for a professional gutter cleaning company to help with the gutter issues. This is important to avoid injuries associated with gutter cleaning activities.